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“When an athlete suffers ligament injuries, even in the case that they can recover through repairing treatment and physical therapy, many experts still advise surgery. This is due to the fact that recuperation time after an injury is also written in as a part of their contracts. 

As the media grows larger and as the entertainment industry grows larger, there are many things that one side requires from the other, and vice versa. Even in harsh conditions where young fellows cannot eat properly or sleep properly, more and more adults are demanding that they wear a bright and healthy smile.
You must be sexy, but you cannot have sex; you must be tough, but you cannot fight with anyone. This is what is required of them. 

Many hoobaes are currently fighting a battle within themselves, debating how much sickness can they bear in their hearts and continue to work, all for the sake of the sweet taste of money and status

So many papers and reports are telling us how convenient and fast psychoactive drugs are and how many side effects and aftereffects they bring about. We must no longer stand by and watch people offer substances because they were asked to or because they need a quick solution.

We must not fail to notice how readily the lazy actions of large entertainment companies can become the host of a contagious virus that can spread instantaneously.

– Dongwan’s IG post following Sulli’s passing.


He also spoke up upon Jonghyun’s passing. We need more idols like him to speak up & change the Kpop scene for the better, before it’s too late ..



Shin Hyesung fan meeting 12/13th October 2019

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msmemaaaa: Dongwan’s full answer to the import…


Dongwan’s full answer to the important question.

Finally someone speaks out. Mentioning the idols suicide, female idols oversexualization, putting the spotlight on the drastic change in Kpop industry and demanding for a change. 
Thank you Shinhwa. We need dependable seniors to speak out & producers to be aware & move towards fixing things .. before it’s too late.

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